Security Labels

G2G 3-33-3 Family of Residue and Non- Residue Tamper Evident labels provide secure closure and tamper void indication. Residue Labels provide a “OPEN VOID” tamper indication when the label is removed leaving positive residue on the surface whereas Non-Residue Labels leave no residue behind after removing.

Suitable for sealing envelopes, cargo, cartons, airplane doors, autos, drawers, safety lock boxes, utility boxes, access panels, banking, and other security applications.

G2G STOCK labels feature pre-printed with wording of “SECURED”, and “BY:” and “DATE:” and with consecutive numbers. Consecutive numbering is provided on each label per roll. Stock labels are available in rolls of 100, 250, 500 or 1000 labels per category. Stock label is available in Red only with Red/White in 1x4 and Blue in 2x6. Our residue stock labels are available in 1”x 2” (Red), 1”x4” (Red + Red/White), 2”x6” (Red + Blue), and 4”x13” (Red) while our stock Non-residue labels are available in 1”x 2” (Red + Black), 1”x 3” (Red + Black), 1”x 4” (Red + black), and 4”x13” (Red).


Customization is our specialty! We can provide a wide range of customization options in both residue and non-residue labels. Custom Coloring, Marking, Logo, Bar-Code, QR Code, and other special security features such as temperature-sensitive reversible/irreversible Thermo Chromic options are available.

We can offer Full, Partial, or Non-Transfer non-residue labels. We can offer sizes from 1/2” - 4” wide and up to 13’ long in most cases and in special orders up to 10” wide. We have the capabilities to offer custom colors in Stock Red, Blue, Black, or White, but we can also provide other specialty Pantone colors with minimum order requirements. Further, we can offer custom void messages as well as foreign languages.

Our products are Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. and exceed many of the industry standards for tamper-evident labels. Our labels are used by various industries such as Airline, Pharmaceuticals, high-tech, government, food, chemical and petroleum, as well as many others.

Call us for your custom label needs. You will be surprised at what we can do!