G2G 7X77 families of tamper-evident tapes are TSA and CCSF compliant and are made of highest quality material right here in the United States. Our G2G 7X77 PREMIUM Tape includes security features such as Guilloche patterns, and other security features such as “S” curved making and special logo.

We use only the highest quality films and adhesives to produce top-quality tapes. By using a 1.5 mil PET (Polyester) film and high tack adhesive, our 2.5 mil thick tape has an industry-leading operating temperature range of - 30 to +160 degrees Fahrenheit.

G2G International LLC

Guilloche patters, consecutive or lot numbering, special security lines, and a large amount of residue left behind on surface after being triggered; provide some of the highest levels of security in the market today.

Our products are manufactured in the United States and exceed many of the industry standards for tamper-evident tapes. Our tapes are used by various divisions of the U.S. Governments, as well as Pharmaceuticals, high-tech, and the shipping industry.

Custom colors, logos, marking, numbering, tape length, and width, as well as additional overt and covert security features are available on a custom order.

Our tapes are available in 2” x 180’ & 3” x 180’ on liner.  Standard color is red; however, custom colors, marking, logos, as well as other overt and covert technology are available on custom orders.